Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Mayhem!

This is the same old post, now with photos!

Today is dreamy, sunlit, clear-skyed Sunday with 70-degree breezes, fall-colors and nowhere to be. In other words, today is a perfect day.

Last night's Halloween Party was quite the event! I was a Corpse-Bride, thanks to Julie (I was going to be "Always a Corpse-Bridesmaid, Never a Corpse-Bride" if she hadn't lent me a beatiful wedding gown, complete with bat-veil and black corset.) I think I looked pretty dead. One girl coming out of the bathroom, saw me and gasped in fear! No joke! (Usually I go for cutesy- clever costumes but this year I settled on scary.)

There were plenty of other lovely costumes, including the Patron Saint of Doom and one last stand of the "Last Fairy of the Apocalypse." The only other costume I took part in was planning and helping make the Mona Lisa. I was pleased with the end result.

This morning's music was delightful at church. Whenever I hear Kirk's guitar on "Wamilele Mungu," I feel like warm ocean currents are washing over me, it's so beautiful! Thanks Kirk!

Well, I can't stand to miss one more minute of the sun on my face. I am going to go to My Favorite Park in the World bearing coffee, walking shoes, a blanket and a book.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Sometimes when I run it feels easy. My arms swing effortlessly, my entire body is engineered to move forward harmoniously, the breeze wafts my hair out of my eyes. I anticipate getting off work and throw on my running clothes as fast as possible. I feel an ache in my muscles and heart to get outside and go when it's been just a couple days since a run. My legs start twitching with excitement about freedom of movement.

Right now, it doesn't feel that way. I feel out of condition- like the soles of my shoes are cast-iron skillets. Gravity pushes me downward and every law of physics tells me to slow down or just stop. My mind says "Can I walk yet?" At times like these I feel it is even more important to fight gravity and general "sloth-ness" (not the cute kind of sloth) and to get out there and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Strangely, if I can fight it through these rough patches, and make sure that though my running distance is a little shorter, that runs are regular, without too much slack- I come through it- and find the easy, fun running on the other side. Is that how self-control works?

Sometimes when I'm in a hard spot in other ways I remember that my body can run further than I think or feel it can and it is a strange encouragement. Running reminds me that my feelings are not always the most accurate measure of a situation, and sometimes I just need to pray and keep on. Despite the skillets.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Horoscopes, lucky penny, fortune cookie-

it's all just an attempt to pretend we have control over what happens in our lives. Life is unpredictable but sometimes actions do lead towards consequences (though these may vary, too). Basically the only things we are assured of are the things we are promised by God.

And have you ever noticed how we just don't mention the "I told you so's" that don't come true? They just sort of fade away. But when we are right, we like to make sure everyone knows. Or at least someone. People really want control or at least to guarantee safety for themselves and their loved ones. How many products are sold under that premise?

I'm all for reading my fortune cookie and having a little fun. I guess I'm just saying, don't put too much "stock" in people's opinions about what could or will happen! I predict that big changes are coming soon...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How Green Are You?

Not naive, not green with envy, think environment! This 15-question quiz will measure your "Ecological Footprint" i.e. how many acres it takes to sustain your lifestyle! Aieee, I won't ask you to report your score. It's an interesting website though, check it out!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Well, after a good nap and a hot shower, I can say with laughter, "What a good time it was!" "It" was my church retreat, into the woods on a lakeside. I went into the deal tired and I think I was tired the whole time. My focus this go-round was people and I got some good talking time in with a few I'd been wanting to catch. In a hectic-ly communal atmosphere, I got some great one on one time with folks, and some beautiful time in nature, which was just what the doctor ordered.

I also had an emotional explosion(cryfest) of pent up stuff, which subsided with loving, prayerful counsel. You know how you are stuffing things down for a while and you just know "it's coming" but you don't want to take the time, or don't even know how to handle it? And then something or someone comes along and triggers a meltdown... ahhhh but the release afterwards.

So funnily enough, I feel more peaceful than I have in a while. A call from a friend this evening left me delighted, proud of some special folk and laughing, joyful. Have you ever heard good news of mountains moving? The human kind of mountain- people changing who will "never change?" Sometimes it happens! God is Good!

All the time...