Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WILD-CARD WEDNESDAY: To which future will I wake up tomorrow?

Great trip, but I felt like I was exhausted the whole time. Part of it may have been that I engineered about three weekend trips into five days. (One in Indy, one at home, and the other at the lakehouse, up north).

After my visits and the long car-drive back to STL, just as I was pulling off the interstate into my familiar neighborhood, I started to hear a squealing noise that seemed related to the motion of my car. The squeal was strangely familiar, yet distinctly horrific. What was it? Too tired to figure it out, I stumbled inside with the only luggage necessary to brush my teeth and hop into bed, and vowed to look into it, come morning.

In the morning, I drove my car around the block. Yep, still that awful screeching. A neighbor walking his dog did a double-take at my car, and then covered his ears. The pup began to howl. This was not good. I couldn’t come to any action plan, my brain was still too foggy from the drive.

After some staring at the ceiling, thinking about thinking about it, I called my faithful shop. Love those guys. They told me, “Not likely we’ll get it in today.” I said, “I’ll drop it off tomorrow.”(I was already running late and my carpool would be there any minute.) At work, it dawned on me: power-steering fluid. The sound was that of a car with low power-steering fluid.

The next morning (today) I hopped out of bed and made my way over to my friendly, neighborhood AutoZone. I purchased the fluid and filled ‘er up. All is well, right?
I called the shop, “Nevermind!”
I called my carpool. “See you in 20 minutes,” I said, “I can drive today.”

I picked up my colleague and hopped onto the interstate. As soon as I merge left, I feel something change in my car: suddenly, a quick shimmy left has become a slow and laborious yanking of the steering wheel. This is not so good. I get off the interstate and take my coworker back home. He picks up his car and meets me at the shop. I drop my car off. Sigh.

They tell me, we may not get it in today, but we’ll do our best.
If they do, all is well, I go to work, get stuff done, meet with kids and call it a day.
If they don’t, I get a free-day off work tomorrow.
What does the future hold?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Well, I'm gearing up for a little Memorial Day travel. That's right, going back home to Indiana, to see relatives and friends. Now Indiana friends who read this, you may find this hard to believe, but here in STL, hoosier is actually a mildly derogatory term, similar in spirit to "white trash." (Not to offend anyone!)

My brother, Doug, surprised my
parents last night by driving in from Arizona, and he will be there too. That is always fun. Plus, I'll get plenty of nephew-time, and will have fun hanging with my sister at her place, and joke around with my B-I-L (that's brother-in-law).

The photo is from the Indy 500, where a couple family members will be going, for the first time in our family history. I won't be going, though I tried to win a radio station contest here for four complimentary tickets.
I guess I'll just have to console myself on the jet-ski at Scott's lakehouse.

It makes it hard to go to work today... in my heart, I'm halfway out the door already.
Hopefully I won't get a speeding ticket on my way there!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


FACT: I thought the season finale for "The Office" was pretty good...

Honestly I think I usually like it when things don't work out perfectly for "key" players, romantic tension and frustration seems more interesting and, alas, more typical, in my experience! But I felt it was handled well...

I like the new hire. I think they've stirred up enough drama, by the way things were handled, to cover another season.

And now reruns, so that Thursday evenings can again be spent in the great outdoors! Yes!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


"Dear Christian:

Everything that feels good is bad, and everything that feels bad is good! Ha! Sort that out!

Love, God"

Just because I don't want to do something (even good somethings) doesn't mean I should do them in some sort of twisted, game of opposites. All desire is not evil.

I think that's how confused Satan wants us to be. The truth is God has good at heart for us. The things he calls us to make it possible for us to have some semblance of healthy, loving relationships with a degree of honesty, care, justice and faithfulness that is just not natural to humans.

Even his restrictions are to spare us from evil and destruction. If you don't believe it, ask God to show you.

Many people get bogged down in false guilt about not taking on more and more responsibilities. The truth is, this is often more about not wanting to disappoint other people and the mistaken belief that "I am personally responsible to meet every need presented to me."

God evidently thought that the amount of time, resources, and energy he gave us was sufficient. I guess God thought that 24 hours in a day would be enough time for me to get done all that he has "called" me to do. Now maybe I'm wasting my time on piddly things, like updating blogs. :)

We have to remember that God has many people in his kingdom. Maybe a few of you folks with a Messiah-complex are doing too much, so that slackers like me can get away with not doing enough! (That's how it usually works; remember group projects in school?)

I don’t want to slip into the kind of thinking that is so self-indulgent that I just follow my feelings in the moment all the time.

I also don’t want to assume that all my desires are evil and feel guilt for listening to my body saying, “I’m exhausted! Need rest!”

Discernment and prayer go hand in hand. Ask and you shall recieve. Knock and the door shall be opened to you. Seek and you shall find.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Well, I was reading an interesting article on a blog about the challenges single, African-American women face in the evangelical church. As I read the comments, I was appalled to hear one man try to claim that the issue was one of black women not being "beautiful" enough, and claiming that the entire race just lacked attractiveness, and this was the problem.

I made the mistake of arguing with him, and quickly it became apparent to me that he wasn’t just defensive and clueless, but was speaking from an ideology of separationist, white-supremecy. He even used rape stats as proof that white women are more "worthy" objects of lust. It made me so angry to see him claim his "science" of beauty using random statistics and to tout his views, claiming "it’s a fact!"

I wanted to continue the argument saying something about aesthetics, and the quality of beauty existing, but being nearly impossible to define or measure (except some studies about symmetrical features), and that measures of beauty dependent on your philosophy of aesthetics, and blah blah blah! But beauty isn’t even the issue! He lost the fact that these are human beings, created in God’s image that he is objectifying (and objectify ALL WOMEN, he does).

But what is the point? When I encounter arrogance and evil, I want to fight, fight, fight! But it isn’t as if my words were going to have any impact on this man. All he wants is a forum to tout his views and the more fuel I give him, the longer and more repetitive his replies will be.
I think of Jesus and how he handled injustice. I’m a lot more like his disciples so often- I just want God to "wage war,"to establish his kingdom and snuff out evil once and for all. I guess I have to remember that good does triumph in the end, and that the battle was already won on the cross. It’s just hard to wait in the meantime. Any thoughts? How ought we respond when we hear someone speaking evil? Should it be different for those (such as this man) who claim Christianity?

Friday, May 04, 2007

I've Got a Roommate!

But not for long... I've had Lana staying here for the last week... she is moving up to Chicago on Saturday. We've had some fun. Larry has even gotten semi-happy about her being here. Here is a picture of Lana with a sombrero.

Tonight we will have one last girl's night at Chevy's (local Mexican chain). The taquitos are my absolute fave item on their menu. The "jalapeno honey" dipping sauce = tasty. The sombrero pic is from "Chimichanga's," my FAVORITE local Mexican restaurant, and a much more authentic Mexican food experience, I might add.

Oh and I'm ditching work today for a dental appointment. Brush 'em, brush 'em, brush 'em!