Monday, June 25, 2007


OBJECTIVES: To succeed where others have failed-- plan the operation in advance--'like a murder.'

PREPARATION: Scope out the facilities. We must know where each possible target is located! Upstairs is preferable to downstairs-- fewer potential witnesses to the actual deed.

Is there a cashier-free zone?

...unless downstairs out of sight is possible...

This week, begin observing for possible locations.

I spoke with (name deleted)- she will be here Sunday and Monday."

-Hand scrawled note found in old journal, dating from sometime mid-summer, 1998
"Trends and anti-conformity trends;
show me purity...

and I'm sure we can capitalize on it." -August 2, 1998

I hate using friends as a marketing tool. In my opinion, to do things like host a "party" and have people over, only to guilt them into buying expensive things they don't want or need... totally reprehensible.

(Now some who would differ in opinion on this topic, include my lovely sister, who points out, it's fun to buy things you don't need, and maybe you do want them. Plus you earn money and get free gifts, and maybe the quality is such that you can't find it in the mall.) Fine. But it's not my thing.

I guess, growing up in our lovely, commercial society, I have grown skeptical of all the endless marketing. In fact, the main reason I do the work I do now, is that I didn't want to go into the art world and end up in advertising, as it is the most common way to make a buck with an art degree. I hate the idea of using creativity to sell people one more thing they don't want or need. Well, this is my anti-PPP post. That's pay-per-post, to those unfamiliar with it. I looked into it out of curiosity.

They will pay you, per post, if you use your personal blog to promote products *(maximum of three per day, please). I scanned the list of products to see if there were any I'd be able to promote in good conscience, (i.e. I actually love the product). I thought, oh, If I'd ever been there, I would certainly promote the cafes and shops of Melbourne, Australia! But it turns out that before you can promote any of the "opportunities" on the list, you have to promote the service, PPP. That's seven dollars in your pocket, man! A small price for my soul, thank you very much!

Heh, heh, heh, I guess I'm being a little melodramatic here. But friends, I have opted out of subjecting you to you random advertisements interjected between postings- I think we have to deal with enough of that in a day as is.

I guess, if you would like to use your writing to promote products and make some cash, feel free. It's your soul. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Which Animal Are You?

Find out with this simple quiz!

I know the calling, but I wrestle.

I know what I must do.




How can I say no? After all you have done (everything) how can I withhold?

I want this one thing for myself. Maybe in a year or so, I will be ready to relinquish, after I am bored and welcome change. (Maybe it will be easy then.)

How can I hold back from YOU?

But you gave it to me, so why can’t I just keep it awhile. Why do you take me to difficult places?

How can I possibly protest given the circumstances? In my mind, I want it your way. It is so clearly good. But my heart is not ready. Pride. My labor (in vain?). My ideas.

And what if nothing as good ever comes again? What if the well is all dried up? What proof will I have? Can’t I build something up first, and give from that? Why the firstfruits?

Yet of course it must be the first and best that is given. Of course you have all the power in the universe and the power to replenish my meager wells of resource. Of course I can trust you as the one who has provided all that I have.

I know the calling, but I wrestle.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Well, if you think the English language is tangled enough before we "first practice to deceive" check out this thesaurus, that organizes words in webs- if you are a visual-type, you might like it!