Monday, September 22, 2008

Theme: work, weird, outdoor infestation

I feel like I’ve been going crazy at work lately. I don’t know if it’s me making the work crazy, or vice versa, but either way....


Last Friday I was in a little group with some kids and a coworker on the playground. The coworker Brenda* is a new employee, she’s kind of like a “Zen Mama”- super sweet, and she could be your mom, plus way into peaceful concepts such as releasing bugs found inside to the outdoors and all kinds of other mellow things like; “mindfulness,” “yoga,” “gardening,” “journal-making” and “watercolor painting.” I, on the other hand, am into “oil-painting,” “running,” “road-rage,” and “killing” outdoor bugs that make their way inside.

Well, on this fine morning, we were outside, and a small child became afraid of a giant cockroach making it’s way across their play area. The child pointed and ran. I grabbed an iron shovel from the gardening shed and began to bang it along the gravel and playground equipment trying to kill the disease- ridden, bold little creature, coming out in the full light of the sun.

Well, the little weasel got away. I asked sweet Brenda if she was bothered by the shovel-banging debacle, and she calmly shared, “No, I figure the cockroaches were living before we got here and will probably outlive us as well..."

She's probably right, but I wish this particular cockroach wouldn't.


Also- Margie*, (life-long B------ville resident) who answers the phone in the afternoons, has lately been bringing all her lawn ornaments from home into work, and “decorating” our parking lot, landscaping and entryway. It started off with a bronze butterfly by the door and a few wooden birds in the bush. But slowly, its been lawn-ornament infestation, complete with ceramic snake (that frightened a small child) and plaster bear and moose heads poking up from the ground, other critters planted using metal stakes: strange things; strange, strange things.

Most folks at work see it this way: If you want to decorate your lawn at home, feel free. Isn’t the point, to make it “homey?” But this is a business! (One employee sneakily tossed the ceramic snake in the dumpster.)

I transferred the plaster bear-head into a E.’s metal file cabinet. She thought it was funny and placed it atop as a decoration. She was laughing with another coworker Rachel* and said “Someone put a tacky bear-head in my filing cabinet!”
Rachel, (another lifetime resident of B----ville), said “Oh is it a lawn ornament?”
E, said “Yeah, so tacky! Who puts a bear head in their yard?!
Rachel said “Oh, I have one just like it.”
E. laughed, “Really?!”
Rachel, (serious), “Yeah, really.”


But enough about work...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today's Forcast

My family has always been obsessed with the weather. In our house, that manifested by silence throughout the living room as they caught the weather at 5:23 pm or 6:23 or 10:23 pm for the evening news. (We didn't have cable growing up.)

I was never that into it, except that I do love weather websites. I love looking on the radar before going on a run to see exactly where precipitation is falling. My favorite weather website is Wunderground. Just type in your zip code. All kinds of interesting information on there. This photo was also on their weather photo album! (Click on the photo for a link to the photographer's blog).

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Deepest, Darkest Secret

What makes you decide to spill your deepest, darkest secret? Do you have a deepest, darkest secret? It’s a phrase I jokingly have thrown out there among friends, for lack of a better thing to say. “Tell me your deepest, darkest secret!” When I say that I’m just kidding, and expect to hear nothing, or nothing serious.

But when you think of the world being what it is, people certainly must have secrets, both deep and dark (and in my job I’m privy to hear many) and there are many more waiting to be told, I’m sure.

Some people are very free with their secrets and are not very secretive at all. Others are cautious. And how many secrets are known to none but the holder and anyone else involved? How many people have unconfessed murders, robberies, other crimes? How about if it was “an accident?” Hit and run? Abused? Abusive? I just wonder what burdens we carry? Do we think about them often? As Suzanne Bates said to me once, “The more I talk to people, I’m just not shocked anymore. People say they are ‘shocked’ but nothing shocks me anymore. Sometimes I’m sad, or disappointed, or upset, but not shocked.”

What is hidden in the depths of the heart?

Friday, September 05, 2008

A New Year, An Old Promise

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, September 01, 2008

Road-Weary Randomness

Back from my wanderings, and almost thirty.


(some parade pics)The sirens were loud!

Everyone in town with a flashing light, a tractor or a muddy truck was invited to be a part of the parade.


I went home and saw the family. Saw some garage sales. Saw some small town parade. Saw some friends. It was good to see folks. Fun to read bedtime stories to the nephews. Good to go for walks with family. Picked some fresh fruit and veggies from the produce section of the back yard. All in all, nice visit.


Random weird, hypothetical conversation tonight: Which would be worse, to be terminally ill and all alone, or to be terminally ill with a husband and small children? To me, situation # 2 is infinitely worse, but my friend pointed out situation # 1 would be pretty awful too. We changed the subject. Impossible to judge from this standpoint (tongue in cheek).


Too many hours in the car, driving, watching the sunset, bring strange thoughts to mind, but it also makes music sound better! As well as the sound of my own singing!


I think we have to ask God to give us forgiveness, for ourselves, and also to give to others when they wrong us. I don’t think it comes naturally to us, ever. But bitterness sucks!


I don’t want to become too cynical. Thinking of how it’s kind of a sad thing when one becomes all hardened and cynical, even though the naive and hopeful seem a little more ridiculous, they also have something special, fresh eyes or something. Also, it seems like there’s a greater capacity to love in a less cynical state. How do we become cynical or reverse the process?


Ah well, another week!