Friday, March 27, 2009

A Taste of Spring

Spring is here at last, in full force. It's been a really busy time for me, but the blossoms were at their peak and the gardens are free on Wednesday morning, so before work, I met up with a few folks for coffee and the gardens. (About the photos: I'm having issues with the program I use to adjust photos and it isn't letting me do ANYTHING! let alone rotate them, so the only pics I've posted are the horizontal variety that needed no adjusting. I'll figure it out on a different day.)

This Friday is a beautiful, sunny day in the 60s, forcast to be cloudy and rainy in the 50s so that's a nice change-up. I'm off work and finally catching up on EVERYTHING that had fallen behind. It's good to have a normal, quiet weekend at last.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just the Weather and a Weekend Update

It’s a quiet rainy evening here. This morning I awoke to a beautiful blossom-covered tree in my front window. Like magic- yesterday it was little twigs, this morning it was frothy white and pretty. I enjoyed my coffee on the patio…

I thought Zyrtec was supposed to be non-drowsy!? My mistake. Barely made it through my appointments today. Well, learned my lesson. No more Zyrtec for me. I’ll stick with Claratin, or my personal favorite Singulair. Yep, I’m talking allergy medicine here. I guess “Juniper” is at full throttle as allergens go? The things you learn watching the local weather.

Well, it’s going to be an interesting weekend- I agreed to accompany my Junior High girls to a conference and a sleepover... Hopefully it will be a good thing for everyone involved. At the church I've signed on as a Junior High Girls' Small Group leader. I've been at it since last fall, and the group has really progressed from "awkward, forced conversation" to a pretty committed bunch of regulars who are showing care for each other. It's fun to see the personalities come out and bloom. Only one of the regulars is going to the conference, but there might be a couple other girls who want to get plugged in.

And that’s it for our news this evening.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Little Change of Scenery

Well, my brother-in-law thought I was lonely and sad by the tone of this blog. Not really true... but maybe my creative writing mood also overlaps with a melancholy mood. Most of the time when I'm not posting it's because I'm busy with people or stuff. That means friends and fun a good portion of the time. (And I think having a rich community in our times and culture is quite a blessing).

Here it is, almost St. Pat's Day and the weather here is doing it's typical rollercoaster- 70 degrees one day and 20 the next. This year, it doesn't bother me for some reason. Normally I'm so antsy for spring I feel like a caged animal, but this year I feel calm and accepting of all the quirks- maybe it helps that I've rounded out my running gear to be more cold-weather adaptive. I've also figured out to dress for the actual temperature, not what I think the temperature "ought" to be. And those teaser 80 degree days have whetted my appetite and I'm not ready yet to feel that heat and humidity of Mid-May.

This weekend calls for a road trip. Details to come. :) Happy Spring, World!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Golden Touch

Well, it's been an interesting few weeks, starting off with a virus that knocked my computer out cold (fixed by a kindly, computer friend), a dead battery that knocked my car out cold (jumped by a neighbor and replaced by a store - $), a new license from the state that somehow ended up being two through a weird little mix-up (I could explain but what's the point? In the end it was just money in the pockets of the state- $$).

All of these little things have been mediated by kindness of friends, kindness of strangers, provision of God, and the good things of life, for which I sometimes forget to express thankfulness. (How we take them for granted when they are ours: love, community, kindness, grace, needs met.)

A little tune for the evening, and then sleep.