Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Morning has broken, warm and humid over St. Louis. It’s been pleasant and cool all spring so we act surprised when summer weather (hardly early or unexpected) arrives on our doorsteps. I greet the day the way I most love to greet days: leisurely coffee and a run before work. These are the benefits of working evenings.

I’ve grown accustomed to my schedule, my routine drive into another state. With two close friends graduating and seeking work in the same field, I remember 6 ½ years ago when I was in the same place of needing a job. I remember how discouraging the job-search felt at times. I remember a friend’s mother trying to encourage me to work for Enterprise Rent-a-Car- “they treat their employees well and help pay off student loans.” (That was NOT encouraging, that wasn’t why I went to grad school!) But despite all the angst, there was a job for me, doing exactly what I went to grad school for, and I’ve been there ever since. Will I move on at some point? That’s likely, but not now.

The waiting is a struggle at times. At times it's hard to see where things are going, what (if anything) is being accomplished in staying put. I think back to the job-search and know that "this" (work) is better than "that" but that doesn't mean "this" is without struggle or difficulty.

I look to the God-Who-Provides for wisdom and strength. God-Who-Sees-Me is with me. In the meantime, I save my pennies, my dollars that once went towards a car payment (now paid off). I’m saving for a big trip. I'm saving my vacation days too. This fall, I’m going to try to travel to Greece with friends. If I’m careful, maybe I can do it! I remember the last big trip I took, to Congo. What a contrast. I think fondly of my friends in Congo and pray for our church team that is leaving in a week.

This weekend I will see family and celebrate my dad's birthday. It will be good. And then back to work. My clients await. For now, I am here for them. I am here as long as I'm supposed to be.